FR_WEB120x60Freading features eBooks for adults,teens,and children.

Download e-books using Freading, a service provided by the library.

Freading, allows users to transfer e-books to a variety of portable devices by using a personal computer or by dowloading an app to a tablet such as an iPad or a Kindle Fire. A Lawrence County Library Card is needed for this service.
Your Pin # can be obtained at the library.

Freading eBooks
• eBooks-69,000+
• 1,100+ Publishers including Algonquin, Capstone, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Open Road Media, Poisoned Pen Press, Skyhorse Publishing, Sourcebooks, Workman and many more.
• Now includes the Lonely Planet Travel Guides
• 1,000+ eBooks in Spanish
• Unlimited simultaneous access (No Holds!)
• Your avid frustrated eBook users will always have content available to download!!
• New titles and publishers added regularly, so your collection continues to grow
• New free Mobile apps for Apple and Android devices (One step download!)
• Will work with most tablets excluding the Kindle eBook readers.
• Free MARC Records available
• No platform fees
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Get an eBook from Freading in four easy steps.
Step One: Go to Freading.
Step Two: Login or create a Freading account.
Step Three: Find an eBook to download.
Step Four: Transfer to your device and enjoy!

How it Works

Freading eBook service works with a token system. Tokens are a virtual currency that you exchange for eBook downloads. Library customers have a weekly allotment of tokens. (10 tokens) When you choose a book, the amount of tokens shown on the book cover is deducted from your account.


Do I need any software to use Freading?

Yes. Freading EPUB and PDF books are wrapped in Adobe softwarewhich acts as Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM is what keeps track of how long an e-book is checked out, and “returns” it when the checkout expires.

Attention, first-time Freading users, you must first install Adobe Digital Editions software before downloading books.

If you use Freading on a computer, you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions to your computer, and create an Adobe ID to authorize it. Adobe Digital Editions enables you to download, read, and transfer e-books.

If you use a mobile device to access Freading, you will need to download the Freading app from the Apple App Store, or the Android Market. You will also need to create an Adobe ID to authorize the app.

Freading also has supplied Apps for both your iPod/iPhone/iPad and Android devices. Please visit the respective stores to download an App for your device.

How do the apps work?

The applications functionality is to read and store the e-book. You cannot download from within the app. Follow these steps:

• Use the web browser to access your library’s Freading site. Login as necessary.

• Download a book. You may be asked to “authorize” your device, which means you must login using your

Adobe credentials when prompted. If you do not have an Adobe ID, you may create one at this point.

• You will be asked where you want to download the file. Select the Freading app.

• After downloading, you will be able to read and navigate the book in the Freading app.

How do I find a book in Freading?

Using the search box in the top right-hand corner, you may search by keyword within “All Books,” “Authors,” “Category,” or “Publisher.” Using the advanced search feature allow you to enter an exact “Title,” “Author,” “Category,” or “Publisher”. You may also choose from “Top Downloads,” “New Arrivals” or select a specific category from the “Categories” drop down menu. Each book will have the token cost in the corner of the book. Mousing over each book will give you a brief description of the book without having to go into the complete record. Clicking on the book image will show the full record, including reviews.

How do I download a book?

• Login to your Freading account.

• Make sure you have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer and make sure your computer is “authorized” with an Adobe ID.

• Click on the title you wish to download.

• Click on the download button.

• You are then prompted: Computer users: Be sure to “Open” rather than “Save”.

• You will need to go into Adobe Digital Editions to read your book.

How do I transfer to a device?

• Follow the above steps to download an e-book to your computer.

• From Adobe Digital Editions you can then transfer to your device.

• Connect your device to your computer. Both your device and computer must be authorized with the same

Adobe ID. Your device name will appear in the left-hand pane.

• Click on the “Go to library view” icon (looks like three books in the upper left-hand corner).

• Click and drag the e-book to your device name.

Can I renew an item?

Yes. The Adobe Digital Editions software will limit your access to each e-book for a two-week initial period. Once your time period has ended, you may then extend the loan period for one two-week period by clicking on “My Downloads” at the top of the page. Click on the e-book you wish to renew. You will see that the token value has changed, and the renewal cost, if any, is displayed. You may go to the download link and downloading it will renew the e-book for an additional two weeks. Most renewals are free with the exception of a four-token book which a one token renewal is charged.

How do I return an e-book?

The Adobe Digital Editions and Freading apps use Digital Rights Management (DRM) software. The DRM software will return the license for an e-book automatically when the item expires, so there will never be any late fees for Freading e- books. The e-book you downloaded to your computer or mobile device will become encrypted, and no longer be able to be read. You may want to delete the item to save space on your hard drive.

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